on wearing white

This post is about stepping outside of my comfort zone - in a lot of ways. I always felt that white would wash me out because I am P A L E. I strongly believ(ed) that wearing a white dress was only for a bride (or a Kardashian). There are also too many rules ABOUT wearing white & I certainly couldn't memorize them all. Mostly, though, black. Black is my favorite thing to wear, decorate with, paint on my nails, look at and/or do anything with. So, in honor of a new blog and a new journey, I decided to try something new: wearing white.

This may not inspire you to go out and start wearing white - but let it represent trying something new & being free from others opinions! Try a new drink at Starbucks (my latest favorite is a Hazelnut Soy Misto, so yum!), maybe quit going to Starbucks at all and support local, listen to a different band (Sir Sly, anyone?), find more people who inspire you to live a creative life. Whatever it is - have fun and take chances!

What I Wore:
dress | H&M
vest | maurice's
necklace | maurice's
shoes | target
jewelry | all over the world

Also, besides my wedding day, this is the only time I've felt truly comfortable in front of a camera. (Maybe this is a sign - I was wearing white that day too. Hmm!) Some major props to my new vegan eating|midwestern soul|tattoo loving|skull collecting friend & photographer, Melissa. I cannot wait to have more fun with her! Please show her some love on her new blog: Tiny Bones & follow her on insta @melissaaudrey.



  1. Great post Vicki. We should all be more brave. Pictures are great!

  2. Your hair has gotten so long! Love it.