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A couple of Saturdays ago, Erik and I got the opportunity to be involved in an “Instagram Meet-Up.” I had seen random pictures of other meet-ups in different cities and I was so stoked to hear about one happening here in Orlando. Each meet-up has a certain theme from a scavenger hunt, a simple gathering at a bar to talk about photos, or a photowalk around your city.

We participated in a photowalk - an instant photowalk. People brought out their polaroid cameras and it was so fun to see everyone’s vintage camera’s with real film and sounds - oh, how I love the sounds those cameras make! It reminds me of my grandma back in Southern Illinois, so simple and beautiful. 

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We met up at Colonial Photo & Hobby and made our way around Koreatown/Colonial Town for about 2 hours. The rest of the group then headed downtown to wander some more. (Erik and I had to leave a bit early so we could eat and he could get to class. BOO Saturday night 5-9 labs!) After the group was done downtown, they headed to Lineage Coffee @ East End Market for a private coffee cupping and pies made by Patrick Chin! The whole day ended up being filled with community, art, creativity, and just old fashioned fun. There are some amazing people and places that call this city home. 

photo credit: @igers_orlando
It was great to put a face to a name finally - Patrick is a little instagram famous around here + he works with my favorite friend Alli's husband at Real Threadso I felt like I knew him even before we were introduced! He helped host this whole thing for Orlando, is one of the nicest humans ever, AND has the sweetest little family. (I also heard that his pies were the bomb.)

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I'm thankful that for the amazing people that we've found in this city - from Patrick, to everyone at Lineage, and even Siam Garden where you can eat the best Thai food of your life.

photo credit: @penelopelane


// all photos are borrowed from instagram and credit is given through insta username, none are my own. please check out everyone's personal instagram and look at the rest of the pictures on instagram: #theinstantmeet //

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