Free People Fall Must Haves

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So now that we in the Midwest are officially in Fall mode I can start hunting for all my fall must haves! Is anyone lee guilty of fake online shopping? Oh.. just me? Shoot. Wellll I must admit I love filling my "shopping cart" with everything I love and putting outfits together that I dream of having. Free People is at the top of this list. I wish I could live in a mountain of all their beautiful clothing!

If you haven't checked out out their newest collection you must! I love the new look book "selfie edition". Haha. It's beautiful, but let's be honest is anything FP not? Speaking of their new collections I have thrown together a few of my personal favorites. A few things I think are just necessary for the fall season!

What are some of your fall essential?! 

( All photos via freepeople.com)


a first canoe outing

This past week I went canoeing for the first time ever. I know I know I'm deprived of all things out doorsy. We never had a cabin, a boat or even a fishing pole when I was growing up. So I am trying now in my older years to find my connection with nature haha. And let me tell ya something I am quickly realizing that I just love being outside. No we weren't canoeing in one of the most beautiful places in the world but it sure felt like it. Removing yourself from real life and all of the technology these days feels great. Not worrying about conversations that are hard till later, not checking how many like your latest post. I encourage you to spend sometime with someone you love or even by yourself outdoors this week. I promise you won't regret it.



Helllo everyone.....We apologize for things being pretty quiet around here lately. The both of our schedules have been pretty hectic with summer coming to close. BUT! We are working on a few new exciting things and promise things will be back to normal next week! We hope you all are having a fantastic summer and fitting in all of your adventures. If we're being honest though.... we are ready for Fall! (but not old man winter :/)

Sara and Vicky

(photo via pinterest ....perfect right?)


nashville on my mind

Oh Nashville.. I love how alive you are. You are proof that there are so many creative and wonderful people in this world. Something that always hits me hard during my visits is how there is NO judgement in this place. I get to feel myself.. look the way I want to look.. dance the way I want to dance. It astonishes me how creative and unique everything is. Each time I visit I find a new spot that I fall in love with. 

This past weekend John & I took my mom and family around the city and showed them our favorite spots. It was so cool seeing my mom love it as much as I do. :) We had to do a few touristy things like Broadway,  Opry, Franklin etc...but even whilst Honky Tonkying we found new great spots! (The new Acme building on Broadway is amazing!) 

Photos from our little getaway & a few of favorite place below. 
Thank you Nashville for always filling me up:)

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A few of our favorite spots

Crema - grab the Creme Cuban you won't regret it
Barista Parlour - pick one of their hot coffees and biscuit :)
Mas Tacos - a llll of zee tacos and corn OH! and the agua frescas!
Pinewood Social - almond milk latte & egg in a basket for breaky... and grab a cocktail they're great!
Las Paletas - we just tried this for the first time and went back for more! they are ever changing and amazing!
No. 308 - if you searching for a neat bar and a really good time..this is your place :)

Obviously there are a TON more but this should get you started:) 


listening to | Twin Forks

When Erik and I first moved to Orlando, we were walking around "downtown" looking for things to do. (I say "downtown" because it's just 1 street and I'm not sure if that constitutes a "downtown" area.) Everything was closed because it was a Monday night, but we did see a sign for a show happening the next night for a band called Twin Forks. We looked them up and found out it was the smokin' hot singer from Dashboard Confessional's new project! We were so stoked and decided to head down the next night. We ate tacos, then stood in line where we got free tickets, a great show, and new music to fall in love with.

I love performing and I absolutely love watching people perform. Chris Carrabba is doing exactly what he was born to do every night when he walks onto a stage. He knows how to engage a crowd, drown everything else out, and perform to his hearts desire. Along with his incredible vocal talent, he has a heart that goes beyond it. He loves what he does and you can completely tell. He is dedicated to his music and no matter what stage of life he is in, he writes what he feels that he should and I love that. I love screaming my lungs out to old Dashboard but I also love dancing to Twin Forks. The people he hand selects to be in his band too, are amazing. His cousin is his drummer and he was so good, the singer's and banjo players have been amazing, the bass player is incredible. Every detail of what Twin Forks does is thought out and done with so much passion! We have been so lucky, too - both times we have seen them, it has been in Orlando which is his hometown! Hometown shows are always my favorite because they are just so stoked to be back and play where it's familiar. The Social, the venue we have seen them at both times, is the first venue Chris Carrabba ever sold out in his career too, which is so cool!

Along with putting on a great show, he brings some amazing acts out with him. I can't wait to tell you guys about Matrimony and Corey James Bost, two of the artists I've fallen in love with since seeing them with Twin Forks. Please give Twin Forks a listen and let us know what you think! I hope you love dancing to it as much as I do! 



brand spotlight | baggu

Hey All! I hope your week is going well! I miss the summers in high school where I got to lay by the pool everyday and go to the movies every night. It feels like life never slows down now! We have been so busy lately - but such a good busy. We've gotten to see a lot of old friends and help new ones on their new adventures! We are planning a beach trip this Sunday after church and I have been dreaming about taking this Baggu that we have in the Rifle storefront with me! I have fallen so in love with Baggu and I wanted to feature them on Juke so I could share the love. 

Baggu was started in 2007 by a mother-daughter team, Emily Sugihara and Joan Sugihara. They started with just 1 style of Baggu in 8 colors and have since expanded to carry canvas backpacks, leather purses, and everything in between. Their story is so cool, I recommend checking it out here! I'm obsessed that it's such a family company and the fact that they do everything they can to eliminate waste. 

Here is my Baggu wishlist!

top left: Standard Baggu / Cat
bottom left: Backpack / Canvas
bottom right: Large Clutch / Black
See, aren't they great?! I couldn't resist gushing over them any longer!



summer gardens

Last weekend John had some family in town visiting from TN. So naturally we had a nice little summer cook out! Lots of grilling, corn hole and even some bow and arrow! John's grandpa also has the best little garden growing! So many great veggies he has out there! A lot of them are still in their growing stage but we left left with plenty of yummy green beans and radishes. I will definitely be back in a few weeks for more!

Here are a few photos Johns brother Andy shot of us picking in the garden and shooting some bows:)