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Oh Nashville.. I love how alive you are. You are proof that there are so many creative and wonderful people in this world. Something that always hits me hard during my visits is how there is NO judgement in this place. I get to feel myself.. look the way I want to look.. dance the way I want to dance. It astonishes me how creative and unique everything is. Each time I visit I find a new spot that I fall in love with. 

This past weekend John & I took my mom and family around the city and showed them our favorite spots. It was so cool seeing my mom love it as much as I do. :) We had to do a few touristy things like Broadway,  Opry, Franklin etc...but even whilst Honky Tonkying we found new great spots! (The new Acme building on Broadway is amazing!) 

Photos from our little getaway & a few of favorite place below. 
Thank you Nashville for always filling me up:)

 photo 789b865e-f620-425e-b020-8448f1e13e28.jpg

A few of our favorite spots

Crema - grab the Creme Cuban you won't regret it
Barista Parlour - pick one of their hot coffees and biscuit :)
Mas Tacos - a llll of zee tacos and corn OH! and the agua frescas!
Pinewood Social - almond milk latte & egg in a basket for breaky... and grab a cocktail they're great!
Las Paletas - we just tried this for the first time and went back for more! they are ever changing and amazing!
No. 308 - if you searching for a neat bar and a really good time..this is your place :)

Obviously there are a TON more but this should get you started:) 

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