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Hey All! I hope your week is going well! I miss the summers in high school where I got to lay by the pool everyday and go to the movies every night. It feels like life never slows down now! We have been so busy lately - but such a good busy. We've gotten to see a lot of old friends and help new ones on their new adventures! We are planning a beach trip this Sunday after church and I have been dreaming about taking this Baggu that we have in the Rifle storefront with me! I have fallen so in love with Baggu and I wanted to feature them on Juke so I could share the love. 

Baggu was started in 2007 by a mother-daughter team, Emily Sugihara and Joan Sugihara. They started with just 1 style of Baggu in 8 colors and have since expanded to carry canvas backpacks, leather purses, and everything in between. Their story is so cool, I recommend checking it out here! I'm obsessed that it's such a family company and the fact that they do everything they can to eliminate waste. 

Here is my Baggu wishlist!

top left: Standard Baggu / Cat
bottom left: Backpack / Canvas
bottom right: Large Clutch / Black
See, aren't they great?! I couldn't resist gushing over them any longer!


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