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It almost feels like music festivals are becoming more about fashion and less about music but I'm not complaining about the fashion coming from their gates! From Coachella to Bonnaroo to Lollapalooza to Warped Tour to Beale Street - there have been some rad outfits and even better jewelry. Erik and I are gearing up to head out to the Orlando stop of Warped Tour this Sunday and you better believe I have my outfit strategically planned for what, I assume will be, the hottest day of my life.

These are some of my favorite shots from Coachella! Spoiler alert: I love the Kardashian's. (Including the Jenner's, too) I love Kendall's look from this years festival - I think she nailed it! I also spy Vannessa Hudgens wearing a Spell romper with some killer jewelry.

pinterest; pura vida bracelets
I think Bonnaroo's fashion is a little more laid back than Coachella's and I love all the denim that is incorporated. Again, the jewelry! I die. I'm a huge bracelet person and most of them, I can barely move my wrist. Anywhere that encourages excessive bracelet wearing is somewhere I want to be. 

Warped! Sara and I are seasoned pro's when it comes to Warped fashion. Like I said, it's just literally the hottest ever so it's been our challenge to find outfits that will still keep you cool while not looking like you're wearing nothing. I'm obsessed with the all black look and also for the random just in case moments, a flannel is always in season. 

Do you guys have any favorite festival trends? 

all photos via Pinterest

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