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Hey to all of our guy readers today! We loved all of the awesome feedback from our last Mens Style post!

So.. are you in the market for a good looking pair jeans that are going to last you and for an affordable price? LEVIS to the rescue!! We've got some favorites to show you and help you on your journey to wearing some great denim.

I am seeing more and more men wearing them these days, so I did my research on Levi Strauss & Co and I loved the history that I found. Strauss actually created the first pair of blue jeans in 1873 and they have been inspiring change ever since. I recommend reading the full story here.

My husband John started wearing Levis a few years ago, after the girl pants faze faded. He still liked the skinny fit look so the 510s were his go to. (The pictures above are of John in his favorite 510s taken by Louie Abellera.) Though he still loves his 510s he is slowly moving to a slim fit, which are the 511s. Take a look at our some of our favorites!

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Levi 510 Favorites | nightshine. jet. palmsprings. rigiddragon.

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Levis newest jeans and John favorites are the 511 Black Commuters. I love all of the short clips they are doing for them. Here is one of my favorites.

Grab yourself some Levis boys!

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