a slow monday

Good Afternoon! I have finally peeled myself out of my cozy bed after a looong weekend! Harp & Angle was a vendor at the Chicago Renengade Craft Mini Market. So John and I spent the weekend commuting between Rockford and Chicago. Late nights and early mornings really take a lot out of you! Saturday, just before the market was about to close we all had to rush to pack up FAST, due do the most torrential down pour I have seen in a while! I don't think I have ever cleaned so fast! Luckily Sunday was a beautiful day and everyone stayed dry.:) It was a great weekend though, despite the commute and the rain! There were so many great vendors. Some of which Juke will be featuring soon! So be keeping your eyes open for that! We finished off our weekend at one of our favorite spots in the city, Longman and Eagle. Here are a few Instagram pictures I snapped over the weekend.:)

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I am going to be relaxing and organizing. But first COFFEE! :)


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