lived in: open shelves inspired

Since we live worlds apart, it certainly gets hard to let people see that our blog is something that the 2 of us are investing in together. You could say that we are a little more connected now that it’s 80 in Rockford and 80 in Orlando - summer has arrived for both of us! We are excited to be on this journey together and can’t wait to do more posts like these! Our first collaborative post on something we are both really loving lately - open kitchen shelving! We love that it is so versatile and it can work in any space, big or small. It can open up a room and make a tiny space feel bigger and more inviting. We love that it fits every style too - from displaying antiques in an old country kitchen or showing off new mugs in an industrial space - open shelving will always bring a sense of effortlessness. It’s a perfect way to be practical and pretty! These are a few images we were inspired by via Pinterest!

 photo vickyopen2.jpg

 photo saraopen2.jpg

 photo 5f057aa9-fad1-47fc-ba99-34e8463b41ae.jpg

 photo 995c0eb7-deb7-40cd-a0ec-1e097d94532e.jpg

 photo vickyopen1-1.jpg

< photo 1bccbf22-1b97-4353-8bee-be2fbdf0b9cb.jpg

Check out our Pinterest for more open shelving inspiration!
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  1. I spend a good part of my time daydreaming about open shelving in my kitchen. Alas, I think my landlord might frown upon me ripping out the existing cabinets just so I can prettily display my collection of hobnail milk glass vases. Oh the woes of renting!
    Such a pretty post. Loving your blog so far, girlies!
    Lauren @ FOXTAIL + MOSS

    1. Hi Lauren!
      We totally feel your pain - there are too many beautiful mugs and cake stands hidden away in our apartment cabinets! We can't wait until the day we can use this inspiration in our homes!

      Thank you so much!

      Sara & Vicky

  2. Pinned every one! Such a cute idea.