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Sara and I dream of having dinner parties together, but due to the distance all we can do is dream. Oh someday, please come soon! Hosting people for a dinner, a party, an overnight stay - anything involving entertaining - is our jam. There was a season in my life, when I was renting my first apartment, and all I did was cook dinner for people. It cultivated beautiful friendships and lasting memories. My first memory of Sara and I really connecting was over a dinner of my Mom's signature roast. Since then, these words have rung so true: "I can't imagine life without a table between us" from Shauna Niequist's book, Bread & Wine. (Lindsay Letters also created a beautiful canvas with those words!)

Jenger Shay Photography
We desperately wish we were together, especially as we enter these summer months. Summer dinner parties have such an air of effortless beauty because the outdoors provide the most perfect, natural setting. Sara has such an eye for decorating and I would love to create all sorts of special elements to compliment her design. We both love to cook and it would be so amazing to bring both of our palettes together and show off to our sweet friends. Here are some summer dinner parties we are swooning over while dreaming of our very own.

The Fresh Exchange
A dinner party, in Nashville, with the Peach Truck? Yes. Yes, please! We found this on The Fresh Exchange and immediately fell in love. One reason we love Nashville is because of the sense of community that it cultivates. Such a beautiful thing! Enjoy these pictures and their simplicity & yummy food!

A Daily Something
Above is a beautiful, beautiful party that was featured on A Daily Something. There is nothing sweeter than friends gathering for a cause. Adoption is such an amazing thing and certainly something to be celebrated - especially at a beautiful dinner party like this one!

Camille Styles
Such a fun picnic inspiration from Camille Styles! Going back to the easiness of summer as a kid sounds so great, huh? This would be such a fun thing to do with some girlfriends on a saturday afternoon. I love all of the personal touches like the sandwich place cards! 

Local Milk
Okay, so this one isn't outdoors, but OH! It is so beautiful. We found this on Local Milk and we would have done anything to have been on that guest list. Cannot wait to try that Blackberry BBQ Sauce sometime - soon! 

A Beautiful Mess
And, of course, it wouldn't be a summer party post without talking about A Beautiful Mess! Does that drink not look amazing? Obsessed with the way the food matches the decorations and the way they absolutely captured early summer nights. 

Are you guys looking forward to entertaining this summer? We can't wait to see what this summer has in store for all of us - especially in the way of parties with LOTS of food! 

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