shades of yellow

Since being in Florida, mine and Erik's lives have been constantly challenged - from changing our everyday routine (every month because of school) to clothes that we wear because it's SO HOT. The friends that I've made here have inspired me tremendously through their outfits and the way they encourage me to try new styles. Even though I absolutely love the color, the length, the pleats, just everything about it, I've only worn this skirt once since I bought it! I've always struggled with styling it so I left it up to Melissa (my beautiful photographer friend) and Alli (my sweet, insanely gorgeous, pregnant, California-native friend) to make this outfit happen. Alli brought this shirt from her closet, it was one that her friend had gotten her at a garage sale in San Diego! Melissa swooned as soon as she saw it so we put this outfit together and went out to the Maitland Art Center to shoot these incredible photos.

This headband is from an online boutique called Heirbloom. I met Ahndea through our church in Rockford and fell in love with her stuff - especially this headband! I love that for almost any outfit this headband is all you'll need. It's amazing because of its simplicity yet it still makes a bold statement.

What I Wore 
Headband | Heirbloom
Top | Alli's Closet
Skirt | Old Forever 21 - Similar Here!

Who is inspiring you this summer? Whether it be fashion, art, photography, music, blogs - we would love to hear what is motivating you this season!

all photos by Melissa Audrey Dahlman - check out more of her work on Tiny Bones. I'm thankful for her, her talent, her friendship, and her zucchini muffin baking skills. 

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